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LandArt Associates is a single-source residential and commercial design build firm serving the Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC region with extended services to MD’s Eastern Shore.

Having well over 20 years of construction and remodeling industry expertise, LandArt professionals take pride in each aspect of the project lifecycle from inception to completion. The firm’s project management philosophy incorporates the heavy lifting tasks: design and engineering, permitting, construction, and coordination so that our clients are FREE from the burdens.

Design: 1-3 Months

To kick off the design process you should have a copy of your properties site plan for your initial consultation. This document shows the location of your home, accessory structures, walkways, driveways and such in relation to the confines of your lot and will be required for permit submittal to your local municipality. You should also spend time compiling ideas and photos depicting features and elements that you enjoy. Time spent exploring your preferences in advance will allow our designers to gain a thorough understanding of your intent and project scope and most importantly will aid our team in developing your vision faster. After the first meeting our designer will be able to clearly determine if he/she will be able to provide a proposal and simple drawing for your project or if a Design Agreement will be required.

A Design Agreement is implemented for larger projects requiring design and construction drawings to be able to accurately price, engineer and permit such projects. An initial design will be developed based on your feedback and then revised to your liking. At this point materials and construction methods will be outlined and discussed. Adjustments and alterations will be made to the design to help develop and meet your budget and vision. Accurate pricing will then be developed directly from your projects construction drawings. Keep in mind this process takes time and lots of effort goes into designing and pricing. Our team approaches this collaboratively with multiple members of our team being involved on every project. We do our best to explain the process as thoroughly as possible so that we get it right the first time avoiding revisions and delays. It is always nice to know what to expect up front rather than learning once you have already committed.

Engineering: 1-2 Months

As our design team works through your project they may need to engage a structural or geo-technical engineer to discuss and review construction or site specific features along the way to ensure your project is planned correctly from day one.

Once the conceptual design is complete, construction drawings will be developed to be used for permitting and ultimately installation. The engineer will ensure that the design meets all applicable design standards and building codes allowing piece of mind of structural integrity and safety of the proposed design.

In addition to structural and geo-technical engineering, civil engineering may also play a role in your project. Creating a grading plan can be a complicated and lengthy process but is required by most municipalities on larger projects exceeding 5,000 sf of disturbance area as well as project sites containing steep slopes that fall within the critical area boundaries. If a grading plan is required, our team will know up front. We will discuss cost, time frames and general conditions of the process so that you are informed as to what you can expect. Occuring behind the scenes, engineering can be the “Heavy Lifting” part of a project that often goes un-noticed.

Permitting: 1-3 Months

Permitting requirements and review times vary from county to county and this knowledge can be invaluable in terms of time. Most municipalities have a minimum 30 day review period for building permits and an additional 15 days for each revision. Grading permits can take upwards of 3-6 months to be approved and variance requests can extend that time frame another 3-6 months. In other words, having the correct information accompany the permit submittal the first time can prevent multiple revisions and wasted time. Our team will identify, advise and plan accordingly to push your project through the approval process. Some things cannot be changed so empowering our clients with this information up front helps to create realistic expectations about how things will come together. Local and state building permit fees are to be expected and are usually calculated based on a percentage of the total job cost. Once approval from the municipality has been granted, the installation can begin.

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